Chemical free ultrasound algae control


Built for Australian conditions. Australian based company, providing installation monitoring and support Australia-wide.


Chemical-free algae control. Toxin-free. Safe for humans, fish, invertebrates and zooplankton. No sediment build-up.


Up to 98.9% reduction in blue green algae. The Envirosonic units are high powered and optimise ultrasound frequency to suit all applications.

Cost effective

Our systems pay for themselves in less than 12 months compared with chemical, surge pump and fountain alternatives. We are very competitively priced.

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Our areas of expertise


EnviroSonic has been used in reservoirs around Australia: with our regional installation teams, we can set up a series of EnviroSonic units on solar pontoons to provide full water coverage across reservoirs in any location.

We can also provide GSM remote monitoring so you have piece of mind that units are efficient and working.

See our algae control reservoir case studies here and here.

Waste water treatment plants

We work extensively with waste water treatment plants, typically placing Enviosonic units in the final settlement ponds to stablise the algae biovolume so that the treated water can be released for local irrigation.

See our case study here.



EnviroSonic is also used in fish farms – especially in holding ponds. The ultrasound is entirely safe for fish stock, and controls all non-motile algae, including blue-green algae. We can provide a vital part of your commercial operations.


Large farm holdings know that keeping the farm ecosystem in balance is important for farm productivity and sustainability. In your lakes and dams, toxic algae is also a life-or-death problem where your livestock drink the water – stock has been known to die from drinking water tainted with blue-green algae.

Our chemical-free, fish-safe and livestock-safe algae control method – ultrasound – is the best way to go.

Council & Golf Course Lakes and Ponds

Fountains in can be helpful to aerate the water in lakes and ponds – but they rarely prevent or minimise algal blooms in warmer weather. We work with local governments and golf courses around the country to install our EnviroSonic units to keep pond blue-green algae at bay. Virtually soundless (either mains or solar powered) and effective in maintaining local amenity.

Recreational Lakes

Australians love to use recreational lakes for boating, fishing, kayaking and swimming. Avoid the environmental and PR chaos from blue-green algal blooms: we can install a series of EnviroSonic units to ensure full coverage of recreational lakes so as to keep them open, clean and safe year-round.

See our pond and lake algae control case study here.

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How does EnviroSonic work?

EnviroSonic’s ultrasound uses sound and a cavitation effect to effectively control blue green algae throughout the column of water – that is, not just at the surface of the water. Algae can grow to a depth of over seven metres!

Our proprietary technology uniquely sends out ultrasound waves for one third of a second, every second. Using 100 watts of power, EnviroSonic’s transducers send out ultrasound across a wide frequency range – from 20 to 60 KHz – at a speed of around 1400 metres per second.

While EnviroSonic will affect a cyanobacteria’s gas vesicles, this will not lead to complete cell breakdown (cell lysis) which can also cause smell and taste compounds and release toxins.

Our installations have found up to an 100% reduction of blue green algae counts – both initially (within a matter of weeks, depending of the species of algae), and sustained over time.

EnviroSonic has no adverse effect on humans or on local wildlife – including insects, fish, invertebrates or zooplankton. (Read here about EnviroSonic’s platypus friends).

EnviroSonic for Reservoirs and Dams

EnviroSonic for Lakes and Ponds